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Au service de la profession d’huissier de justice dans le monde depuis 1952
At the Service of the Profession of Judicial Officer in the World since 1952
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The UIHJ meets the International Finance Corporation


On 31 October 2012, the UIHJ met representatives of the International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C. to discuss the possibilities of a common cooperation

The UIHJ delegation consisted in Sue Collins (USA), member of the board, and Jos Uitdehaag, First Secretary. The representatives of the International finance Corporation (IFC) were Jennifer Barsky, Global Program manager Financial Infrastructure Access to Finance Advisory, and Elsa Rodriguez Felipe, Operation Analyst, Secured Lending Access to finance Advisory Services. The meeting took place at the head office of the IFC in Washington, D.C.

The IFC is a member of the World Bank Group and shares its mission to reduce global poverty. IFC coordinates its activities with the other institutions of the World Bank group but is legally and financially independent. 184 countries are members of the IFC. It has over 3 400 staff, of whom 51% work in field offices and 49% at headquarters in Washington, D.C.
The purpose of IFC is to create opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives by:
-    Mobilizing other sources of finance for private enterprise development
-    Promoting open and competitive markets in developing countries
-    Helping generate productive jobs and deliver essential services to the poor and the vulnerable
To achieve our purpose, IFC offers development-impact solutions through firm-level interventions; by promoting global collective action; by strengthening governance and standard-setting; and through business-enabling-environment work (source: IFC).

Private sector development requires more than just finance. Experience shows the powerful role advisory services can play in unlocking investment and helping businesses expand and create jobs.
To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments:  experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive—they need a regulatory environment that enables entrepreneurship, and advice on business best practices.
The work of IFC includes advising national and local governments on how to improve their investment climate and strengthen basic infrastructure. Governments account for around half of IFC advisory projects. IFC also help investment clients improve corporate governance and become more sustainable.
IFC offers advice through nearly 1,100 Advisory Services staff in 85 offices across 73 countries. Funding comes from donor partners, IFC, and client contributions. In 2011, advisory services project expenditures totaled $206.7 million. In all, 65 percent of project expenditures attributable to clients in individual countries went to IDA countries.

Within the field of the UIHJ, IFC focuses on (1) the establishment and improvement of the securities market and development of relevant registers. A number of publications have been made in this field (2) finance possibilities for SME.

Main focus is Africa and South America. With regard to these issues IFC also provides training. It seems however that the UIHJ could provide expertise and access of the training market. As regards Ohada, the representatives of the IFC showed great interest in the UIHJ concept of its Training Unit of African Judicial Officers (Ufohja).
Training needs to be provided in ALL Ohada countries and with regard to all Ohada relevant issues.

Expertise with regard to the security market and the link towards enforcement for IFC also is interesting.
During the meeting, IFC expressed its interest firstly to use the pool of individual experts of the UIHJ and, secondly, in projects based work.

More information about the IFC:

IFC has produced a number of publications. Download here the most relevant publications:

•    IFC securities Markets
•    Registration of securities
•    Responsible debt collection
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